Customs Clearance

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Don’t get your shipment held up at the border

There’s nothing worse to a schedule than improper paperwork or a bottle-neck. Explorate’s dedicated customs professionals can ensure you have everything you need to clear goods through customs agencies worldwide, helping you comply with all relevant rules and regulations at both origin and destination.

Customs Clearance, Simplified

Trade compliance is made easy with our trade experts here to help you navigate through government rules and regulations. Keeping you up to date on the latest changes impacting trade means you’ll be able to enter smoothly and fully compliant.

Our Difference

Why choose Explorate for customs clearance

You won’t need to worry about dealing with all the documentation involved in a customs clearance process

Explorate will be in charge of analyzing it all, verifying if you have the right documentation to meet with the country’s requirements and deliver solutions that ensure measurable reductions to your duty and tax liability.

Avoid delivery delays

Explorate plans and prepares every requirement to ensure your goods are delivered to their final destination by the deadline.

Avoid unnecessary expenses

Regulations and rules in cross-border exchanges continue to evolve. As specialists in the prerequisites of various goods, Explorate can prevent you from getting hit by expensive deferrals, fines, reallocation of the stock, and other different penalties.