Freight Forwarding

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It’s time to get excited. Organising freight used to be complicated, vague and time-consuming but the times they are a-changin’. We understand the frustrations that came with organising a freight forwarding service, so we simplified it. Explorate’s cloud-based platform gives you the power to request a quote, book a service and track its progress through our integrated carriers with schedule overviews. Sound good so far?

Our Difference

Why choose Explorate as your freight forwarder?

Simple, reliable & efficient

As a Digital Freight Forwarder, we offer a digital technology platform which makes the process transparent and controllable, provides low and predictable supply chain costs, and delivers faster and more reliable transit times.

Not just a technology platform

With you every step of the way is our team of freight and logistics experts, providing a total service whether it’s door-to-door, port-to-door, or any other needs your business has.

Managed all in one place

We facilitate the movement of your products, customs clearances and tariff classifications, up to pick-up and delivery. Everything is managed through the Explorate platform and our in-house team of international freight forwarding specialists.

Ready to forward your freight with Explorate?

Freight forwarding that gives you an edge on competitors

We work hard to deliver optimal logistics solutions to our customers, strengthening our core service offerings with innovative technology, facilities and systems that give your business a competitive advantage.

  • Origin and destination port charges are passed on to you with $0 uplift
  • Access to an extensive global network of shipping lines and vendors
  • View and book any schedule from any carrier in our network (several sailings every week)
  • Control and choice of service providers backed by automated reporting
  • Access to all major trade lanes across the globe and every Australian trade lane 
  • Live monitoring of schedules and freight rates
  • No hidden fees – live currency and freight rate updates on quotes
  • Additional handling services tailored to your needs
  • Timely and accurate information about ETD, ETA, and more
  • Notifications of any possible delays before it becomes an issue

Deliver products quickly to your customers’ doorsteps

As an end-to-end supply chain service, our transport that includes wharf cartage operations and warehousing teams complement our air and ocean operations to offer inventory management and last-mile delivery across Australia and overseas.