Advanced track-and-trace technology means you always know where your shipment is.


Tracking Shipments

Explorate CargoTracker™ is the GPS for your shipments

By providing detailed, real-time data related to your shipment such as location, estimated and actual times, you can improve your supply chain management.

Logistics management made easy

Stay on top of your orders

Receive notifications when your shipment is leaving its origin and when it’s cleared customs at the destination. Get updates on the ETA to the door so you’re ready in advance.

Why Explorate CargoTracker™ and what it can do for you

Track your shipment’s location in real-time. View its movements on the Explorate dashboard.

Simplify the logistics management process

One of the easiest ways to quickly simplify your company’s supply chain management is to implement logistics technology like Explorate.

Save your time, money & your sanity

Explorate can take care of numerous tasks that you may be currently doing manually or with various other software programs. We provide you with live tracking of shipments, receiving, inventory, loading, and shipping to your end destination all in one place.

Seamless workflow

CargoTracker™ is an in-built feature on the Explorate platform so you don’t have to sign up to multiple services and have the headache of flicking between them all.

Save hours tracking down your containers

Save yourself the hassle of sending a million emails and calling ports worldwide to find a missing container. CargoTracker™ lets you know the location anywhere, anytime.

Better customer satisfaction

Knowing where your container is at all times let you know your shipments are safe and allows that confidence to be passed on to customers.

Support team

If you ever have a query about one of your shipments, our team back at Brisbane HQ are here to help out.

Ready to start simple cargo tracking?

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See shipment updates in minutes, not hours. Easily view shipment progress online and receive proactive notifications and alerts if there are ever any issues.

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