Doc Management

It’s time to swap the fax machine for a scanner. Explorate’s platform lets you upload your shipping documents in the cloud, which securely stores them digitally so you never lose a form again.

Faster processing for shipment documents

We’ve seen that uploading documents digitally can help speed up the customs processing by 30%. This is because uploading digitally and having them checked off reduces delays and incorrect documents.

The feature supports file formats for PDF, Excel and Word Doc and simply limits them 10MB, about 5 times the size of a single page. 

Plus, all user-uploaded documents are verified by us – to make sure you don’t send your internet bill instead of the commercial invoice we need. 

One-Time Upload

Explorate’s Doc Manager feature will save each form that you upload and let you view it whenever you need. That way you won’t need to re-upload the same form multiple times and there’s no need to worry about spilling coffee or losing it! And if you need another copy for yourself, you can download it onto your computer.

Why Explorate Doc Management and what it can do for you

Simplify the logistics management process

We offer simple, reliable and affordable freight services that can be quoted and monitored from an online dashboard.

Save time, money, & sanity

With have fast and reliable information easily accessible, you don’t need to waste time calling and emailing for updates.

Integrated with all other elements of freight forwarding

Explorate is a full-service solution that can take full advantage of international trade networks and get goods to your customer’s door.

Transparency & reliability from shipment to collection

Our industry-leading technology and global networks means you have the peace of mind that your goods will be delivered on-time and in perfect condition.

Track, measure, & optimise your freight forwarding & cargo data

Enjoy real-time updates at each step of your shipment anytime, anywhere thanks to industry-leading track and trace technology.

Customer support when & where you need it

Our team of experts will be there when you need them, no matter when and where an issue arises.