We understand our position and realise our potential for impact. That’s why we stay on top of the practical ways to help you reduce the carbon emissions of your logistics operations.


Carbon emissions are a major cause of the global climate crisis, and the public pressure for action has never been greater.

Sustainability has become a licence to operate for businesses across all industries, and particularly for the Transport & Logistics sector, which is often under the microscope for being a major producer of carbon emissions. And rightly so, given our industry is the second-largest producer of carbon dioxide globally.

If we want to keep our Earth happy and healthy, it’s vital that we endeavour to make sustainable freight accessible and affordable.

“We are very happy with the direction Explorate is going around carbon tracking and carbon offset, which fits really well with the ethos of our business. They are genuinely doing it. With some other freight forwarders, there’s a lot of greenwashing around it. We are happy to list Explorate as our partners to help us achieve our sustainability goals.”

Philip Hutchinson, Merchandise and
Logistics Director at Ecoriginals

Explorate to the rescue

Explorate helps you to easily understand, manage and reduce your carbon footprint, and achieve your sustainability goals with the most efficient spend.

Our Carbon Emissions Calculator gives you access to high quality data in real-time and is an easy way to start taking action towards your goals.

We’re also working towards developing a flexible carbon offset program, with ambitious plans to build our own offset program. This is just the beginning.

Work with us to navigate the best next steps in your sustainability strategy. We’ll give you practical ways to reduce the carbon emissions of your logistics operations and can share what we know (which is a fair bit) about carbon emission mitigation, eco- shipping, safely minimising packaging, and more.

How we help


  • Carbon Emissions Calculator
  • Carbon Offset Program
  • Analytics Dashboard


  • We’re transparent with our users in every step of their shipment
  • We stay informed on upcoming green strategies


  • Active participation in conservation efforts
  • We’re advocates and educators for sustainable freight futures



Our Carbon Emissions Calculator monitors every single shipment transported through Explorate. It provides high-quality calculations of greenhouse gas emissions for freight and logistics operations.

Real-time Data

The data is sourced from ports and vessels in real time and is easily accessible via our app interface. We also give you the option of accessing the raw data, which can make reporting more straightforward.

Positive Change

With accessibility to your carbon emission statistics, you have the power to make positive change through carbon offset programs.

Learn more about our sustainability offering and our carbon offset program.

Make the leap to a more sustainable and resilient supply chain today – get in touch for a free demonstration.