What’s New: User Permissions & Track External Shipments

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Assigning different access and permissions to users is now possible in the Explorate platform, and we guarantee it’ll save you time and avoid potential headaches down the track. Here’s how:

  • Better control
    Our customers can now easily choose and manage the access they give to each person interacting with their logistics operations.
  • Increased security
    Avoid granting unnecessary permissions to users, which can compromise the security of the shipments, lead to mistakes and end up costing a lot of money.
  • Customised experience
    The whole logistics team can now enjoy a personalised experience while using the platform, with clear and well-defined roles. Giving each team member the correct access level, helps them accomplish their tasks and be more efficient.


How does it work

It’s simple – the Company Manager is now able to create multiple user accounts in the Explorate App and give each of them personalised access based on their role. With this feature, users can have full access to certain tabs while only being able to view others.

The user role specifics and functionalities are:

  • Company Manager
    This role has full access to the whole platform and is able to add, edit or delete any data related to the company, the users and the suppliers. It also allows access to reporting, finance and settings.
  • Member
    The Member role gives full access to quotes, shipments, schedules and dashboard, but has view-only access to company management and invoices per shipment.
  • Finance Manager
    The Finance Manager role can view the finance tab and the company overview tab, having full access only to the dashboard and the invoices.
  • Warehouse Manager
    Users granted a Warehouse Manager role are able to view the company management, quotes and shipments, so they can easily see the shipments that are due to arrive and the delivery estimates.

But wait, there’s more!  We’re excited to release another feature this month to give you full visibility of your shipments – even if they aren’t organised through us.


Tracking External Shipment

Tracking all your shipments on one centralised platform is now possible.

Our Shipment Management Page has been optimised and now allows you to easily track any FCL shipment made outside of Explorate.

To get started, simply click the ‘Track’ button on the Shipment Management Page and enter your PO number, container number, carrier and freight forwarder.


If you’re already an Explorate customer, you can start enjoying these great new additions in your User Accounts Page and Shipping Management Page. If you’re not with us yet but are interested in seeing how the Explorate Platform could give you access to these powerful features and many more, get in touch to arrange a free demonstration.