SEQ & Northern NSW weather event

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First and foremost, we hope this post finds you and your loved ones safe and well.

South East Queensland and Northern NSW are experiencing an unprecedented weather event. There’s been extraordinarily widespread rainfall and almost half a year’s worth of rain in 48 hours. Rain is easing today in some areas, but floods are expected to continue for the next few days.

There’s dangerous debris across some roads and major transit hubs the Bruce Highway and Pacific Motorway are closed in certain locations. For this reason, some deliveries are being affected. We’re monitoring the situation closely and following authorities’ advice so we can deliver all cargo as soon as possible.

Here’s what we know:

(Jason O’Brien / Associated Press)

The situation at Port of Brisbane:

The Regional Harbour Master has declared no movements in and out of Brisbane Port but this is being reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

The port precinct has received some damage caused by the extreme weather conditions, which will cause delays to the collection and delivery of containers at the terminal. The Port is working to remove debris in and around the waterside infrastructure and survey critical navigational areas.

The Brisbane Multimodal Terminal (BMT) itself remains operational, but there is no rail movements in and out of it. Vessels that were expected to arrive on Sunday are still on hold at Caloundra as vessels from Friday and Saturday are still in berth.

Current conditions in Brisbane due to weather emergency:

Road closures, repairs, and continued flooding are impacting deliveries. The flow-on effect is predicted to be felt for a few further weeks and delays are expected to affect the port, unpack depots, and deliveries.

What happens next?

Moderate flood levels are expected to continue for the week, so delivery delays are unavoidable at the moment. As we manage the situation, we ask for your patience and understanding.

The Explorate team is in contact with Brisbane and Sydney ports and we will provide additional updates to our customers as soon as possible.

Our Advice:

  1. Communicate regularly with your Operations Specialist and Transport Manager, we’re here to help you navigate these challenges!
  2. Log into your Explorate App – view your shipments on the map, see the most up-to-date information about any delays to your shipments sailing schedules.