At last, a Cargo-Tracking system with a seamless data interface

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There has long been a problem common to logistics companies and freight forwarders — identifying and locating shipments in transit. Also problematic has been the need to collect and disseminate to other parties essential data on the shipped assets. Many current tracking systems are limited in scope and have caused wasted time, leading to increased costs, missed deadlines, and unhappy customers. With a worldwide total of over 50,000 registered merchant vessels of 1,000 gross tons plusⁿ, and growing, this problem is not going away.

To provide our customers with a better alternative, Explorate’s Product and Development team of in-house IT engineers has developed two complementary platform packages to provide an accessible, accurate, user-friendly cargo-tracker for use by both our customers and third parties of our customers’ choice. Step forward, Cargo Tracker and Shareable Shipments.

We do not hesitate to describe the combined benefits of these packages as second-to-none. Within the logistics community, it is possible to find freight forwarders who do not provide a real-time, digital tracking system for their customers’ cargo. Others have failed to recognise the needs of third parties who require access to essential shipment tracking data; we aim to set a trend that reverses this inadequate level of customer service.

Even a basic cargo-tracking system, at minimum, should include location and activity identification, asset tracking, scheduled consignment details, and a messaging platform. Instead and too often, the information needed by the customer is exhibited late or remains difficult to locate.

Explorate’s innovative software package seeks to go beyond the basics and to provide a more relevant, informative, and cost-effective customer experience. All shipment information essential to the consignee is displayed on Explorate’s platform at a single location for ease of reference. Data is constantly updated and is available for viewing without delay.

We also believe our cargo-tracking data display and functionality represent a significant step forward in customer service excellence. Our Shipment Sharing screen enables our customers and their associated third-party stakeholders (e.g. the consignee’s customer) to simultaneously view shipment progress online, and to automatically receive messages and alerts direct to their
laptop or smartphone.

This important innovation enables the immediate dissemination of data to those who need it. No more of those multiple emails back and forth, urgently seeking clarification about an alerted

There’s only one way to know when you are doing the right thing, and that’s when you receive an endorsement from a satisfied customer. Nothing puts a smile on our faces more than when
we get feedback such as this from JAWA Campers:

“Shareable Shipments is fantastic! I now include the link in all our customer Welcome Packs. Our customers can see exactly where their caravans are located and when they will arrive at Brisbane.”