How do digital freight forwarders do things differently?

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“There’s a way to do it better – Find it” 


The late inventor Thomas Edison said those words a century ago, but we think they’re still pretty relevant, especially for freight forwarding and international trade.


Traditional freight forwarders are just that – traditional – and aren’t looking to deviate from the tried and tested way of doing things. So, it comes as no surprise that our industry is one of the last to be disrupted by digital innovation. 


We’re proud to be leading an unprecedented transformation in the sector using cutting-edge technology to respond to the changing needs of our customers. Fuelling this disruption is a team of logistics experts who are committed to overturning archaic processes and pioneering a ‘better way’ of freight forwarding. As our co-founder Conor Hagan says: “Having lived the same pain points as our clients, we know what needs to be done to make freight forwarding a better customer experience. The consideration of how can we make our customers’ jobs easier? How can we simplify this process? How can we do this faster? – that’s what drives the development of our platform and its features. ”


Here are 7 ways that we’re doing things differently (and better) at Explorate: 


  1. Data transparency and ownership: a powerful Company Management Page that centralises your company and shipment data and gives you easy access to add, update or retrieve information.
  2. Live Tracking: a digital platform that allows you to access valuable freight analytics and insights. You can easily track and understand your shipments, their performances and more. E.g. know who is the best performing shipping line for each of your tradelanes. 
  3. Real time carbon emissions: a fully accredited methodology to provide calculations of greenhouse gas emissions for freight and logistics operations accurately and in real time. 
  4. Save money: we give you easy access to the data and the freight analytics necessary to make better informed decisions, which means your import and export shipping costs are reduced over time.  
  5. Save time: a reliable platform where you can easily manage and monitor all your shipments.
  6. Less human error and duplicate data entry: uploading documents digitally can help speed up customs processing by 30%. This is because uploading digitally and having them checked off reduces manual interventions, delays, duplication and errors.
  7. Centralised and secured consolidation of documents: easy access to all your shipment details, invoices, quotes, stakeholder communications, credit applications and other important records. No more searching for elusive details in email.   


Interested in jumping ship to a digital freight forwarder? Get in touch for a free demonstration. Explorate is the only digital freight forwarder native to ASEAN, so if you’re based in Australia, you can start accessing better freight forwarding now.