How Proactive Communication from a Freight Forwarder Benefits Your Business

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Freight forwarder communication doesn’t need to be a difficult process. Being well informed is essential for any business, it’s the key to building confidence and successfully navigating unforeseen challenges. 

Explorate will work with you to understand your requirements and communication preferences. We aim to be on the front foot, ensuring you are kept well informed throughout the shipment process. 

Whether you are a novice shipper, are looking to switch freight forwarders or are simply interested in ways to enhance your current process, your relationship with us is important. We can effectively help reduce your overall shipping costs and improve your transit times.

Four key situations that could disturb your supply chain and how Explorate implement solutions to overcome these: 

The Whole Process 

From cargo booking, handover, onboarding, customers clearance and end-to-end delivery – Explorate have you covered. The planning and execution of these components are crucial to freight forwarding operations. 

Explorate will share with you any potential issues such as port congestion, long delivery routes, multiple transhipments and natural disasters. We are your partner, we keep you informed and treat you as a valued asset. Our purpose is to help reduce unnecessary costs, navigate challenges and keep your supply chain moving. 

Rules and Regulations

Shipping rules are complex and are different for every country and mode of transport. Understanding these are critical to avoid last minute cancellations of your import or export consignments. 

Explorate understand the red tape and will proactively communicate these rules and regulations to secure your committed delivery timeframes. 

Incomplete Documentation

No one wants to receive the call/email that your shipment has been detained due to incorrect information or an incomplete document. With multiple files to complete it can be overwhelming, especially if you aren’t educated in the industry.

Explorate have been doing this for years, we know the necessary documentation, certificates, letters, invoices and packaging lists required for shipments. Working together we can ensure that the documentation is completed correctly and avoid delays in your delivery schedule. 

Space During Peak Season

Shipping space during peak seasons can cause major challenges to numerous businesses. Delaying shipments is not an option and booking last minute can mean paying higher rates.

Explorate tracks the market and knows when we could be entering into a peak season. We reach out to our clients and provide them with the right information ahead of time to put them in a better position to secure space at an economic rate.

Explorate keeps our clients informed. Our online platform holds all your shipping information along with updates concerning trade lanes, weather conditions and up to date information to our clients. Our ‘insights’ section provides industry knowledge, peak seasons and many other topics. 

Furthermore our dedicated team are in direct contact with our clients via phone and email.