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Squeezing value out of every flight

Air freight services that are predictable, affordable and tailored to your needs. Explorate’s platform helps you get the most value out of every flight thanks to fast quotes and accurate scheduling. Air Freight is one of the best solutions for transporting goods, particularly when delivery is urgent or of high value. From the airport hanger to your customer’s door, receive online updates and complete transparency.

Why choose Explorate to carry goods through the sky?

Send your cargo almost anywhere

Explorate’s combination of a digital platform and a global network of trade partners put the world in the palm of your hand. Over 48 integrated carriers, including Qantas and Singapore Airlines, means you’ll be able to ensure your goods get delivered to their destination safely and on-time.

Reduced costs for packaging, warehousing, and insurance

Air freight’s efficiency converts into savings on the packaging, warehousing and insurance of goods.

Digital platform with dedicated support

Whilst we believe that our digital freight management platform revolutionises the distribution of cargo across the world, we haven’t forgotten what keeps the whole process moving. Our dedicated team of experts are here to assist you with any problems with the same transparency and reliability of our online platform so you’re never without support.

Ready to Ship via the sky?

Deliver goods quickly to your customer’s doorstep

Our air freight services are the best choice for your urgent or perishable goods that require domestic or international delivery. The bonus is, your delivery won’t get left on the tarmac thanks to our on-the-ground partnerships with local delivery companies and end-to-end delivery guarantee.