Explorate says no to ‘set and forget’

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We hear it all the time, our clients want a clear picture, they want to be informed. Too often are we told that freight company’s ‘set and forget’.

At Explorate we stop and listen to our clients business objectives and their key performance indicators for freight forwarding. We provide potential clients with cost comparisons, expected service levels, risk mitigation and a clear escalation process; all of this information allows our clients to make an informed decision when selecting how their goods are being imported and/or exported.

We decided to simplify it for you with four steps, read on to find out the best way to align with a freight forwarding company to keep your supply chain strong, reliable and efficient.

Invite us on the journey
You wouldn’t go on a road trip without a destination in mind, therefore create a clear plan from the start. What do you want, why do you want it and when do you want it by? Explorate can determine the best solution for your company, let’s face it – everything these days needs to be tailored and we get that!

Hold us accountable
Set KPI’s and a method of assessing if we are doing what we promised.
It’s our job to ensure we are handling your logistics and shipping but what’s most crucial? total lead time, total costs, fill rates? We will ensure we are exceeding expectations, don’t feel like we are – let us know.

Catch up with us – whenever you like
Plan set, KPI’s agreed on. Next step – ensuring no-one loses focus on your strategy and expectations. We are committed to a proactive approach, these meetings are important to discuss performance and share feedback. It’s also an opportunity to gain valuable insights into the logistics sector.

Passed the test?
Did we deliver what we set out to? Do you feel valued and like your account is important to us? Did we go the extra mile? Found a freight forwarding company that delivers what was promised – that’s the kind of supplier you build an on-going business relationship with.