Thinking outside the box

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When a shipping container is not the right box for the job, we’ve got you covered.

We’re excited to announce that Explorate now offers Air Freight booking services from a range of airline carriers around the world, with the ability to request a quote directly from your Dashboard. Within the Explorate app, you can now request a quote (RFQ) for either an FCL, LCL or Air shipment. Simply choose “Air Freight” instead of FCL, or LCL, send us the details of your precious cargo and our team will work to create a custom quote for you. 

We are proud to be working closely with Qantas and Singapore Airlines along with other carriers, bringing our total number of integrated carriers to 48 providers.

Choosing air freight or ocean freight?

Air freight is an alternative for goods that are required urgently, have a high value of goods or sometimes more economical if it’s simply a low CBM. Shipping by Air is more efficient than Ocean with less opportunity for delays and unpredictable transit times. Where ocean vessels dock at multiple ports during its journey (Shanghai -> Singapore -> Brisbane -> Sydney -> Melbourne), Air shipments are mostly sent direct or with 1 stop-over (Shanghai -> Melbourne). 

Managing your shipments

Explorate is continuously releasing new features that support greater oversight and monitoring of all of your shipments. On a single screen, you can see all of your pending, incoming and completed shipments with reference to your PO.